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Serious Player 1

SPO Support Midsole

SPO Support Midsole

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SPO Support Midsoles is the first performance Drop-In Midsole created after our launch of Player 1. Experience the ultimate bounce and support tailored to your game. 

Reactive Impact Absorption: The newly created firm EVA carrier adapts to your foot and playing style.

Lateral Stability: The TPU frame on the lateral side provides players with extra side-to-side support and stability.

Quick Take-off and Transition:  Additional forefoot frame elevates the take-off and transition.

Ultimate Bounce: Supercritical cushion material and gel foam pad provides players with superior impact absorption and bounce, optimal for advanced playing style. 

At SPO we source players feedback in real-time and every day to understand their needs, all dedicated to the single purpose to bringing tailored performance for players' own game.

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